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EasyFoodClub.com goes beyond being a typical online grocery store. It serves as a vibrant community that revolves around fresh, locally sourced, and sustainable products.

Our platform connects you with dedicated farmers, producers, and fellow Nigerians who share your passion for exceptional food and a wholesome lifestyle. Imagine the pleasure of exploring our extensive collection of over 50,000 grocery items, ranging from farm-fresh, flavorful tomatoes to meticulously crafted honey imbued with care. 

We carefully curate a range of local, organic, and specialty products, ensuring that you receive the finest offerings that Nigeria has to offer. At EasyFoodClub.com, we are your reliable ally, committed to delivering convenience and excellence right to your doorstep. 

Join us in embracing a new era of online shopping, where each purchase contributes to your well-being and the prosperity of our community.

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The founder of food club, Godwin Robson is raised by God to salvage mankind in the horrible time like this when the world will be going through hardship, he’s the CEO of food club, the President and the founder of SAVE OUR LAND foundation, and also the owner of G.Robson enterprise, he was born in 13 01 1989 into the family of Emmanuel Robson as a blessed third male child

this is a young entrepreneur who work with a simple pattern believing that the best way to be wealthy is to enrich others, is a person who can’t stand humanity going through suffering, he has train fleet of children to become great in life through his foundation call SAVE OUR LAND, he is driven with so much passion to program the next generation to become useful to the society by providing educational facilities and empowering the less privilege to renew their hope and make them fit in in the society activities. The foundation and the finishing line of Godwin Robson is God, to God be all the glory.

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